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Commercial Fence Services

 Commercial clients throughout the southwest have relied on the professional design and installation of fencing products for many years! We have customers throughout Arizona, Colorado, Utah and New Mexico that appreciate the fencing products and installations that we have done.

Our approach with commercial clients is very comprehensive. When you are looking for a new fence, we will send our consultants to your business and do a thorough analysis of the area that requires fencing. We also listen very clearly to the goals that you need from the fencing. From a fence that will add an elegant look to your company to fencing that will provide you with high security, we have the products and the skill to design and install a fence to meet those needs.

We are happy to work with architects, engineers, contractors and property managers in the design and installation of fences. These people enjoy working with us as we are one of the few fencing companies that manufactures products in-house. Our staff of experienced craftsmen are capable of constructing fences of any materials and size.

Liberty Fence is also licensed, bonded and insured. Plus, we offer warranties on our work and products. Your Liberty Fence Supply representative will be happy to let you know more about our warranty programs.

Commercial Fence Applications Offered by Liberty Fence and Supply

We offer fence solutions for a wide variety of businesses that are looking to add a distinctive look to their property or to increase security. Some of the different fencing solutions that we can provide include:
  • Schools
  • Municipal Parks
  • Airports
  • Military Installations
  • High Security Installations
  • Correction Facilities
  • Public Utility Companies
With our experience and broad range of fencing products, we are able to manufacture and install any type of fence that you desire. We will work with designs that you have or work with you to design the perfect fence for your business. Using only high-quality materials, we will have our experienced craftsmen manufacture your new fence. Finally, our professional installers will set the fence. Our process of fencing is a very comprehensive process!

Types of Commercial Fencing That Liberty Fence Offers

To get more information on some of the types of fencing products that we have to offer our commercial accounts, please click on the links below.

Contact Liberty Fence and Supply

We have three locations throughout Arizona to help our commercial clients. They are:

Phoenix, Arizona

Our commercial fence specialists are ready to help you design the perfect fence that your company requires. Call us today at 602-253-6294. To learn more about this location, please visit Liberty Fence and Supply in Phoenix, Arizona.

Tucson, Arizona

Our Tucson location serves businesses throughout the Tucson metropolitan area with expert design and installation services. Our phone number is 520-882-8779. To learn more about this location, please visit Liberty Fence and Supply in Tucson, Arizona.

Lakeside, Arizona

Businesses in the White Mountains and northeast Arizona rely on the expert fence design and installation services that we have to offer. Our number is 928-537-3333. To learn more about this location, please visit Liberty Fence and Supply in Lakeside, Arizona.

You can also reach us with any commercial fence design or installation questions that you may have through the Contact Us page.